Welcome back for Fall 2021! As many of you have been away from campus these many months, we want to both catch you up on changes to the campus learning spaces and remind you of our support services.

The Classroom Support team is part of the Audiovisual Integration and Support for Learning Environments (AISLE) group and provides real-time, in-person, and remote support to instructors and other classroom users. Please see our classroom systems FAQ page for user guides.

All classrooms are equipped with intercoms for real-time communication with our AV Call Center technicians who can assist you remotely and come to the room in person when needed--just press the red “Help” button on the touch panel. Please see our touch panel user guide for additional information.

Over the last year, USB lectern microphones have been installed in all classrooms to support clear, high-quality audio for use with Zoom. The original lectern microphones provide in-room voice reinforcement.

In classrooms with capacities of 80 or greater, there are wireless microphones that provide audio both for Zoom and in-room voice reinforcement. The wireless microphones are stored in digital safes attached to the lecterns. Please contact the AV Call Center over the intercom or email for the access code.  

We have also installed dual monitors in these classrooms as part of efforts to support a hybrid teaching and learning environment. The monitors have embedded webcams that can be used for Zoom sessions. We encourage instructors using these spaces to contact to request a system demonstration and instruction.

We are here to help you as you return to campus learning spaces. If you have your own equipment that you plan to use in your classroom, please email for a consultation. While we cannot support equipment not specifically designed for use with our systems, we are happy to do a one-time, one-on-one consultation to determine the compatibility of your equipment.

Kind regards,

Rich Preville, Director, AISLE